Top 10 Ductless Mini-Split HVAC Systems 2023: Costs, Pros & Cons

The best mini split HVAC systems deliver excellent energy efficiency and reliable performance you can count on.

Your options include single zone and multi-zone mini split heat pump systems from brands known for high quality. Similar to central heat pumps, they deliver air conditioning and heating.

This buying guide includes our ranked list, plus full reviews of the top ductless mini split systems with details needed to make an informed buying decision. Cost, pros and cons, efficiency ratings, number of zones, system sizes and features are included. At the end of the list, a brief Buying Guide concludes this post.

The Best Ductless Mini Split HVAC Systems

  1. Gree Vireo Gen3 (single zone)
  2. Carrier Infinity (single zone)
  3. Fujitsu Halcyon (single and multi-zone)
  4. Daikin Aurora (single and multi-zone)
  5. Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Systems (single and multi-zone)
  6. Samsung FJM (single zone)
  7. Daikin MXS Series (multi)
  8. LG Multi F & Multi F Max (multi)
  9. Gree Multi+ Ultra and Super+ Multi Ultra (multi zone)
  10. MrCool 3rd Generation DIY (single zone DIY)

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Mitsubishi Mini-Split Systems: Costs, Top Units, Pros & Cons, ROI

Mitsubishi mini split systems are available in single-zone and multizone configurations of up to 8 zones.

In quality and performance, Mitsubishi mini split heat pumps and air conditioners are considered good to premium, comparable to Fujitsu, LG, and Daikin.

The Mitsubishi Hyper-heating H2i and H2i Plus options provide full-capacity heating in subzero temperatures, ideal for northern climates.

Mitsubishi mini split cost begins at around $4,900 for a small single zone system installed. Common systems for 2-4 zones run $7,500 to $11,000 installed. The largest Mitsubishi ductless systems exceed $25,000 when professionally installed.

*And yes, all Mitsubishi systems must be installed by a pro because they need a refrigerant charge, something only a certified installer can do by law.

Let’s get into the details including costs, pros and cons, available systems and options.


Who? METUS stands for Mitsubishi Electric Trane United States.

Mitsubishi ductless systems are produced through a joint venture with Trane Technologies. The 50/50 partnership was established in 2018 to produce ductless systems for both brands. They also make VRF (variable refrigerant flow) systems for commercial buildings.

So, it’s easy to compare Mitsubishi to Trane mini split systems: They are identical in all but the logo.

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Fujitsu Mini Split Heat Pumps: Costs, Top Units, Pros & Cons, ROI

Fujitsu mini split heat pump systems are available in single zone and multi zone options. Installed cost starts at $4,800 for a small, single-zone unit. Prices can exceed $20,000 for a large, 5-zone system when main equipment, necessary accessories and labor are added in.

You can find cheaper prices on lesser brands. Fujitsu is considered one of the better brands by HVAC installers and repair technicians. It is a good brand to consider if you:

  • Plan to make a long-term investment in your current home.
  • Prefer professional installation to doing it yourself.

This is a comprehensive Fujitsu mini split heat pump buying guide with system options and comparisons, costs, pros and cons and the return on an investment from installing a Fujitsu mini split system.

Fujitsu General – That’s the company’s full name. But everyone simply calls it Fujitsu, so that is what we use (mostly) throughout this review.

Introducing Fujitsu Airstage

Fujitsu recently announced a global rebranding of its mini split HVAC systems – All Fujitsu mini split systems are now called Airstage mini split systems. The transition will take some time as wholesalers and retailers sell out of the old units, replacing them with Airstage systems.

You likely know that a mini split system consists of:

An outdoor unit or condensing unit is installed outside where it collects heat when in Heat mode and where it dumps heat in AC mode.

Average Cost To Install a Ductless AC (Mini-Split) Typical Range: $3,270 - $4,780
See costs in your area

Outdoor units, also called condensing units, come in various sizes to match the needed indoor carpet and number of zones from 1 to 5. That’s the maximum # of zones for Fujitsu – 5.

Indoor units come in a bunch of types – Wall mounted, floor mounted, universal (put it low or high), cassette, etc. They are all described, with pros, cons, and costs, below.

Remotes – While wired wall controls can be (must be in some cases) installed for your system, all systems also come with a wireless remote for each indoor unit.

WiFi / Smart Home – WiFi modules are either standard or optional in all systems and are used with the Fujitsu FGLair App. When a module is installed, the systems can be controlled with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Details of what is available in Fujitsu indoor units are given below in the reviews of the single zone and multizone systems.

You’ll have the information you need to purchase a system online or discuss your Fujitsu mini split system choices with the contractor you select to install your system.

Which raises a good question…

Are Fujitsu mini split systems DIY?

No. By design, Fujitsu and most top brand manufacturers do not fill their units with sufficient refrigerant. This requires hiring a licensed technician with what’s known as a “refrigerant card.” It is the certification necessary to charge a system with refrigerant.

Fujitsu warranties also require installation by a licensed professional – a common industry practice.

Here is what the Fujitsu warranty states: “PROPER INSTALLATION – This Limited Warranty applies only to Systems that are installed by contractors who are licensed for HVAC installation under applicable local and state law (Licensed Contractor), and who install the System in accordance with: (a) all applicable building codes and permits; (b) FG [Fujitsu General] installation and operation instructions; and (c) good trade practices.”

Fujitsu Single Zone Mini Split Systems – Airstage Single Zone Systems

Fujitsu single zone systems have one outdoor unit and one indoor unit. That’s stating the obvious, perhaps. And there are 9 indoor unit styles.

What is unique to Fujitsu General is that the single zone systems are not mix and match. Each indoor unit type has its own outdoor unit series in various sizes.

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