5 Best Roof (Attic) Insulation Options: Cost, Pros & Cons, Comparison

Space heating and air conditioning are the top energy expenses in US homes, representing 51% of total consumption according to the US Energy Information Administration.

However, this also means there is a major opportunity for energy efficiency measures that reduce your heating and cooling costs. There are three main ways to achieve this, which can be combined for greater effect:

  • Upgrade to newer HVAC equipment with a higher nameplate efficiency and a lower operating cost.
  • Use smart controls and thermostat setback to optimize the operation of heating and cooling equipment.
  • Improve your insulation level and seal air leaks, which reduces the workload on your space heating and air conditioning system.

As a rule of thumb, your home loses 25% of its heat through the roof during winter, and gains 25% of outdoor heat through the roof during summer. This means you can greatly reduce your annual heating and cooling costs by improving roof insulation.

In this guide, we will discuss the best roof insulation options available for homeowners.

  • Foam board or rigid foam insulation
  • Loose-fill or blown-in insulation
  • Spray foam and foamed-in-place insulation
  • Structural insulated panels (SIP)
  • Batt and roll insulation

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CertainTeed Roofing Shingles: Landmark Shingles Costs, Pros & Cons

CertainTeed is considered one of the asphalt shingle industry’s top-tier manufacturers for quality and performance. But is it?

Lines like Presidential Shake and super-premium Grand Manor shingles live up to CertainTeed’s reputation; the brand’s largest line, the mid-level Landmark shingles, don’t get the ratings you might expect – ratings are discussed below.

Overview of Options and Cost

CertainTeed carries a huge selection of shingle products from their luxury, mid-grade dimensional or designer shingles, to their standard strip shingles, aka 3-tab shingles.

CertainTeed products tend to be slightly more expensive than most other brands at the top end. But these premium shingles do get generally high marks for durability and longevity. And they are backed by Lifetime warranties.

All lines considered; CertainTeed shingles typically cost between $4.00 and $8.50 per square foot installed – that’s the same as saying $400 to $850 per square (100 square feet of roofing) installed.

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Most Efficient Central Air Heat Pumps: Best Brands and Models

Heat pump technology offers several advantages over traditional air conditioners, resistance heaters, and combustion furnaces.

XV18 Variable Speed heat pump

In cooling mode, heat pumps offer the same efficiency as the best air conditioners on the market.

In heating mode, heat pumps are 2-4 times more efficient than resistance heaters, and they can match the operating cost of gas heaters without the associated CO2 emissions from combustion.

A central heat pump can achieve even greater energy savings if you combine it with a solar panel system, so that the energy consumption can be offset by solar power generation. This is not a combination you can achieve with traditional furnaces since you cannot offset fuel consumption (whether it be natural gas, propane, or oil) with electricity generation.

If you’re looking for a central heat pump that offers high efficiency and top performance, the best starting point is the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient List.

In this buying guide, we will review some of the best heat pump models that are featured on the Energy Star Most Efficient list, and the typical operating costs you can expect when using them.

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