Andersen Windows: Costs, Pros & Cons of Different Models

The Andersen windows prices in this guide are obtained from receipts provided by homeowners who have had window contractors install this brand and from estimates for windows-only with DIY installation in mind.

source: Andersen Windows

All Andersen window series can be purchased for DIY installation.

A few Andersen 100 Series, 200 Series and 400 Series windows are available “off the shelf” or online from local home improvement stores, and those costs for individual windows are easily found.

Just keep in mind that the windows you find in stock at Home Depot, for example, give you few options for style, size, color, and accessories. As a result, they are on the low end of the cost spectrum compared with windows in those series with upgraded options.

The popular Renewal by Andersen replacement windows are the exception. Renewal windows are only sold by local dealers in a package that includes the windows plus installation.

OK, with that introduction out of the way, let’s look at Andersen windows prices for each series along with your choices for styles, finishes, colors, and options for each. Pros and cons for each series are discussed with the goal to help you decide which series is right for your home.

Andersen Window Prices

This Andersen windows price list includes the cost of the windows plus professional installation. See the Installation Cost section below for potential savings by installing them yourself.

Series Material Total Range Fixed Double-hung Casement
36″W x 48″H 36″W x 48″H 36″W x 48″H
100 Series All Fibrex $690 – $2,400 $965 – $1,250 N/A $1,365 – $2,100
200 Series Wood/Vinyl $535 – $2,900 $645 – $1,400 $760 – $1,800 $935 – $2,160
400 Series Wood/Vinyl $570 – $3,600 $770 – $1,485 $865 – $1,885 $975 – $2,215
Renewal Wood/Fibrex $825 – $4,250 $935 – $1,465 $1,090 – $1,890 $1,200 – $2,250
A Series Wood/Fibrex $940 – $5,000 $1,100 – $1,590 $1,215 – $2,130 $1,385 – $2,300
E Series Wood/Aluminum $985 – $5,600 $1,015 – $1,675 $1,135 – $2,345 $1,315 – $2,485

The smallest window sizes considered for this price list are 24” x 24”. The maximum window sizes considered are 48” x 72”. Windows are priced with dual pane, low-E glass. Enhanced low-E glass and triple pane glass are optional selections on most window series at an increased cost of $55 to $215 per window.

Pro Installation Cost

How much is pro installation? Or what can you save by DIY? $300 to $600 per window for most windows. Gliding and hinged doors cost $375 to $800 to install while bay and bow window assemblies range from $750 to $1,500 in labor costs.

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