Window Replacement Cost 2023: Window Types, Pros & Cons

Most properly installed residential windows will generally last between 15 and 25 years before requiring a replacement. The materials that make up each window will usually last much longer (up to 50 years), but home windows are about function as much as they are about aesthetics, view, insulation value, ease of use, and security.

Pella double-hung Architect series

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Note: In this guide, we are not concerned with the new construction windows, as they can only be installed once, while a house is being built. Instead, our focus is on the replacement of existing windows, as that is one of the most popular projects for homeowners wanting to improve the look and comfort of their homes. To this end, we cover current window replacement costs for vinyl, fiberglass, and wood windows. We also explain the factors impacting replacement costs, and pros and cons of different window frames.


Average Cost To Repalace 10 Windows Typical Range: $3,840 - $6,530
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The national average cost to install a typical double-hung, mid-range Vinyl replacement window can range between $650 and $1,100 per window installed, depending on your home’s location and other variables. Therefore, homeowners can expect to pay between $6,500 and $11,000 for a typical project to replace 10 double-hung windows with mid-range double-pane, Low-E Vinyl-frame replacement windows.

However, depending on the type of the window-frame material, the price can range from $650 to $2,250 per window installed, which accounts for much of the variation in the window-frame material (from the lowest to the highest: vinyl, fiberglass, wood), window type and size (double-hung, casement, etc.), brand (Andersen, Pella, Milgard, Renewals by Andersen are some of the most expensive brands), and the local differences in pricing from contractor to contractor within the same market.

Practical Fact: Normally, the more replacement windows you purchase for a single project, the less you will pay on a per window basis. Most jobs involve between 5 and 10 replacement windows per project, meaning you can ask for an additional discount for a larger project.

Planning Considerations: Window replacement projects tend to be fairly basic in terms of planning because there are only three main types of windows for homeowners to choose from: vinyl (basic), fiberglass (better), and wood-clad (high-end). Yet, the number of window glass panes, along with the window energy efficiency considerations (Low-E glass, Argon gas filled), and window-frame material’s durability and longevity are all important factors to consider when weighing the replacement costs of different options.

How a Window Style/Type, Size, and Frame Materials Impact Costs

Double hung windows are what most residential homes have. These are characterized by having sashes on both the upper and lower part of the window, and thus both parts can slide vertically up and down. Depending on the material (whether vinyl, fiberglass, or wood frame) and brand of the window, the average unit cost can range from $300 to $1,100 per window (for materials only).

Pella double-hung-Architect series replacement window

Classic windows (single-hung) look about the same as double-hung, but only the bottom pane moves, while the upper one remains stationary. Single-hung windows generally cost between $300 to $500 per unit and are less commonly available in today’s market.

One exception is the popular brand of fiberglass windows, Milgard that offers fiberglass frame windows as a single-hung fiberglass Ultra series (premium $$$-$$$$) option. Notably, Milgard, also offers vinyl-frame windows available as a double-hung option like many other brands that carry vinyl replacement windows.

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Andersen Windows: Costs, Pros & Cons of Different Models

The Andersen windows prices in this guide are obtained from receipts provided by homeowners who have had window contractors install this brand and from estimates for windows-only with DIY installation in mind.

source: Andersen Windows

All Andersen window series can be purchased for DIY installation.

A few Andersen 100 Series, 200 Series and 400 Series windows are available “off the shelf” or online from local home improvement stores, and those costs for individual windows are easily found.

Just keep in mind that the windows you find in stock at Home Depot, for example, give you few options for style, size, color, and accessories. As a result, they are on the low end of the cost spectrum compared with windows in those series with upgraded options.

The popular Renewal by Andersen replacement windows are the exception. Renewal windows are only sold by local dealers in a package that includes the windows plus installation.

OK, with that introduction out of the way, let’s look at Andersen windows prices for each series along with your choices for styles, finishes, colors, and options for each. Pros and cons for each series are discussed with the goal to help you decide which series is right for your home.

Andersen Window Prices

This Andersen windows price list includes the cost of the windows plus professional installation. See the Installation Cost section below for potential savings by installing them yourself.

Series Material Total Range Fixed Double-hung Casement
36″W x 48″H 36″W x 48″H 36″W x 48″H
100 Series All Fibrex $690 – $2,400 $965 – $1,250 N/A $1,365 – $2,100
200 Series Wood/Vinyl $535 – $2,900 $645 – $1,400 $760 – $1,800 $935 – $2,160
400 Series Wood/Vinyl $570 – $3,600 $770 – $1,485 $865 – $1,885 $975 – $2,215
Renewal Wood/Fibrex $825 – $4,250 $935 – $1,465 $1,090 – $1,890 $1,200 – $2,250
A Series Wood/Fibrex $940 – $5,000 $1,100 – $1,590 $1,215 – $2,130 $1,385 – $2,300
E Series Wood/Aluminum $985 – $5,600 $1,015 – $1,675 $1,135 – $2,345 $1,315 – $2,485

The smallest window sizes considered for this price list are 24” x 24”. The maximum window sizes considered are 48” x 72”. Windows are priced with dual pane, low-E glass. Enhanced low-E glass and triple pane glass are optional selections on most window series at an increased cost of $55 to $215 per window.

Pro Installation Cost

How much is pro installation? Or what can you save by DIY? $300 to $600 per window for most windows. Gliding and hinged doors cost $375 to $800 to install while bay and bow window assemblies range from $750 to $1,500 in labor costs.

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Pella Window Prices in 2023: Cost to Install Pella Windows

We’ve used Pella’s own pricing tool, plus the actual receipts from homeowners that have had Pella windows installed in their home recently to come up with the most accurate prices available.

Pella Impervia casement window (black color frame) installed in a kitchen

Costs are up across all brands. If you priced windows last year and didn’t buy, expect estimates 12% to 20% higher in 2022.

Below, you can see the current Pella window price list. It gives a total cost range plus the average cost for fixed (non-operable), double-hung and casement windows – the most popular styles.

Details on your series choices are given below along with advantages and disadvantages to consider for each. Here are the Pella window prices for all series listed on the Pella website. These are installed prices, since most Pella windows are only available through local window dealers that sell you the package – the window plus installation.

The exceptions are the vinyl Encompass by Pella windows and the wood Pella Lifestyle Series, which can be bought online from Pella and are sold in home improvement and building supply stores.

Pella lifestyle double-hung window (unfinished)

Source: Pella

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