10 Inexpensive Home Improvements to Help You Sell Your Home

Updated on July 8th, 2020

Are you in the process of getting your home ready for sale? If so, here is how to get your home ready for the show time!

Some home improvements won’t break the bank, or your spirit, but will make a major difference in your home’s sale price. Many top selling real estate agents agree there are some inexpensive yet impactful projects that can make all the difference for the home seller.

These are Smart and Cost-Effective Renovations You Can Make Inside and Out

Let’s start on the inside.

  1. Cleaning is a Must

Believe it or not, a sparkling house can get you $10,000.00-$20,000.00 more. De-clutter your house first. Then, use old rags, vinegar-and-water, baking soda, and elbow grease to offset the cost of extras like oil soap, linseed oil, or new mops. If you use pros, the cost will depend on the number of bedrooms/baths, starting at around $200.00.

  1. Install Fiberglass Insulation in the Attic

Your agent will know if it’s necessary in your market. The cost averages $1.50-$3.50 per square foot, and you should get all of your money back plus 8%. Buyers like energy efficiency.

  1. Refinish Any Existing Hardwood Floors

Refinishing can cost $3.00-$5.00 per square foot, so it could get expensive for large floors. You will break even on this investment, but remember that old floors can be a serious turn-off and/or lower the offers.

  1. Update the Kitchen

A homey, great-looking kitchen can help you get 15% above asking price. Here’s a list of lower-cost projects:

  • Clean everything in sight!
  • Paint the walls. White is trending. A 200-400 square foot room can cost $400-$1,000 for a pro, but the cost of a can of paint ranges from $25.00-$40.00, with brushes and rollers available under $20.00. You can DIY.
  • Rehab the cabinets. It can cost more than $1,000.00 to paint cabinets, so scrub with oil soap and wax, and tighten hinges. Paint is great if you can, but refreshed goes a long way.
  • New drawer/cabinet hardware is in the $5.00 range per handle or pull.
  • A new faucet will only cost you $50.00-$100.00.
  • New lighting fixtures should deliver warm, inviting light, but can be simple and under $200.00.
  • A coat of epoxy on the counters, done by a handyman, is about $400.00, and they will look a lot better. If you can install granite, that’s about $1,000.00 and popular with buyers.
  • A little staging is a big plus. $10.00 glass jars holding colorful fruit and cookies, or other similar touches, add a warm atmosphere real estate agents recommend.
  1. Pamper the Walls

Freshly painted walls, in a warm neutral color, help any room. You can DIY the entire project for around $100.00 (a few cans of paint, some painters tape, and paint rollers are all you need). For outside the home, $150.00 will get you an electric power washer to clean walls and driveway. You need fresh walls to present a clean home to potential buyers.

There’s a lot You Can Do Outside, Too!

Good-looking, updated landscape will not only get you a fabulous ROI, but it is also the first thing potential buyers see in person. Work that first impression!

  1. Reseed the Lawn

It costs $90.00-$180.00 per $1,000.00 square feet and averages $500.00-$900.00 Only the largest lawns cost above $1,000.00. Your ROI for lush grass is going to be over 300%, which is a massive return for you. Here is the DIY option

  1. Fix Broken Walkways, Stairs, and Railings

Ignore these problems at your peril: they are red flags that suggest a neglected home. The average cost is $650.00 and up, but these are essential projects that, if not completed, could cause a buyer to walk away from your home.

  1. Don’t Leave the Porch Sagging

An unkempt porch is another red flag for the buyers. Repairs range from $200.00 to $1,000.00. A repaired porch won’t leave buyers wondering if your home has hidden issues.

  1. Repair that Leaky Roof

Repair, don’t replace. Repairing a section of the roof will cost about $4.50 to $15.00 per square foot. If your roof is currently leaking or if the portion of the roof has been damaged, then this is the fix you’ll need to make to ensure you pass the home inspection. Check out this Roof Cost Estimator’s tool for an estimate.

  1. Spruce Up Overall Curb Appeal

There are many inexpensive projects that add to that first impression and could get you a 100% return on investment, plus 10%.

  • Paint your front door for $100.00-$300.00. A bright color is welcoming.
  • Repair an old garage door for around $200.00.
  • Fix/update outdoor lighting for $150.00-$200.00 per installation. Buyers value the safety and the aesthetics of this one.
  • Add decorative plants. Plant a garden or border with natives, which will cost you $10.00-$15.00 for several flowers. Group $10.00 pots on stairs or patios. Potted “statement” plants flanking the front door cost in the $45.00-$120.00 range.

Every Step Counts

All these low-cost steps bring you the most bang for your buck for under $1,000.00 and make your house stand out in the market. Every step toward a more appealing property is a step closer to a great offer.

Good luck!

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