Carrier vs. Trane Furnace: Cost, Pros & Cons – Furnace Reviews

A comparison of Trane vs. Carrier furnaces features the two top-rated brands in the industry.

Yes, they’ve got the largest marketing budgets, so they are household names – but independent testing and homeowner surveys also put them at or near the top of the heap in reliability and customer satisfaction. Trane is a small step ahead.

Cost Overview

80% efficient furnaces – Average Installed Costs: 80,000 BTU 80% AFUE Furnaces

  • Carrier: $3,100 – $7,050
  • Trane: $3,250 – $7,200

90%-Plus efficient furnaces – Average Installed Costs: 80,000 BTU 90% and Higher Furnaces

  • Carrier: $5,300 – $8,900
  • Trane: $5,450 – $9,100

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Goodman Furnace vs. Lennox: Cost, Pros & Cons – Furnace Reviews

The Goodman furnaces vs. Lennox furnaces comparison features the industry’s low-cost leader against the most expensive furnace brand. You can guess which is which.

Here is a summary of Lennox vs Goodman furnace cost.

80% efficient furnaces: Average Installed Costs: 80,000 BTU, 80% AFUE Efficiency Furnaces

  • Goodman: $3,850 – $6,150
  • Lennox: $5,100 – $7,350

90%-Plus efficient furnaces: Average Installed Costs: 80,000 BTU, 90% and Higher Furnaces

  • Goodman: $4,600 – $6,450
  • Lennox: $6,700 – $9,350

Goodman has better warranties, even though the quality of Goodman’s best furnaces isn’t quite as good as Lennox’s best furnaces.

That’s the snapshot of what you’ll find below.

Now, let’s dig into the details starting with a cost comparison and moving to an overview of the model ranges, warranties, plus pros and cons of each brand.

The content concludes with recommendations for how to choose between Goodman and Lennox furnaces.

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10 Best Gas Furnaces in 2022: Costs by Unit Installed – Full Reviews

The quality gas furnaces are reliable, first and foremost. And they deliver superior comfort at a minimum of 80% efficiency or 90% and higher efficiency.

Here are the 10 best gas furnaces along with installation prices for each model. Identical brands, like Trane and American Standard, are noted.

See complete reviews and the price range to install each model below.

  1. Trane S9X2
  2. Rheem Classic Series Plus R96T
  3. Carrier Infinity 98
  4. Payne PG95ESA
  5. Lennox EL296V
  6. Carrier 58SC Comfort 80
  7. Trane S8X2
  8. Payne PG80ESA 80
  9. Rheem R802V
  10. Lennox SLP280V

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